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Diaper Cakes

About Our Diaper Cakes

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Diaper cakes, designed with love

Diaper Cakes

Designing diaper cakes is our passion. Because we genuinely love what we do, we are always on the lookout for new design ideas. If you don't see what you want in our catalog, contact us! Creating custom a custom diaper cake to your specifications is a fun way to spend an afternoon!

Our diaper cakes for boys feature masculine colors, durable toys, and they capture the unbridled potential that comes with being a little boy!

Our diaper cakes for girls feature feminine colors, our cutest toys, and they capture the innocence and optimism that comes with being a little girl!

Is it a surprise? Our gender neutral diaper cakes work well for either gender, with colors and themes that fit either boy or girl. Of course the toys are adorable, the accessories useful, and the baby products perfect for pampering your new family member!

Feeling creative? Order one of our undecorated diaper cakes, as the base to build your own design.

Why our diaper cakes are Amazing

Made to be used

We design our boy diaper cakes to be used. All of the diapers are arranged so that they are not damaged, and can be used right off the diaper cake as it is disassembled. But more than that, we decorate the cakes with usable products. Many include receiving blankets, orthodontic pacifiers, bottles, plush toys, and other baby care products. It is a very functional gift!

Only the best ingredients

We understand that the products in our diaper cakes will be in contact with a baby that you care about. We take safety and quality extremely seriously.

We purchase all of our ingredients from suppliers in the USA. All products have passed stringent USA guidelines for baby products. We do not use foreign suppliers, which may be providing counterfeit or untested product.

We use only Pampers Swaddlers diapers. Many of our diaper cakes include an assortment of baby products. All of these products are name brands that you likely recognize: Johnson's, Gerber, Nuk, Fisher Price, and so on.

It costs us a little more to adhere to these quality standards, using only top quality products, but we feel the extra effort is worth it!

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We value customer reviews. 100% of the product reviews on our site are submitted by real customers. About a week after you receive your order, you will receive an email inviting you to submit a review. If you will do that, we will be glad to cover the shipping! When you submit your order, use the coupon code: I WILL REVIEW