Rolled vs Fanned

Both styles make beautiful and functional diaper cakes.


  • Includes more diapers, more tightly packed together
  • Measures at about 9 inches at the base.
  • Disassebmbly: Easy.
  • Look: soft, rounded edges with little definition. does not strongly resemble a real cake, but may be considered more elegant.
Fanned Diaper Cake


  • Fewer diapers, packed less tightly
  • Measures at about 11 inches at the base
  • Disassembly: The rolled diaper cake not only has an outer rubber band keeping them all in a circular form, but each diaper is individually rolled and held by a rubber band. To disassemble, each rubber band will need to be removed from each individual diaper.
  • Look: Sharp edges, giving it a strong “cake like” structure.
Rolled Diaper Cake